Personal Evolution Annual Program. Grow at the pace of your ambitions and needs.
Our annual program is an ongoing communal adventure in personal growth. Surround yourself with the ideas, tools and peer groups necessary to support your progress.  

Every month engage in a community that is designed to lift you up. Get in a beautiful rhythm of ideas, application, support and expanded capacity.
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12 Months Access For $9,000 Upfront
$2,500/quarter (First payment today)
Each month includes:
  • Deep dive lesson (virtual or live) 
  • Direct application materials 
  • Affinity group peer consulting 
  • Daily catalysts
  • Team games and reflection activities

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About Zander Grashow

A recognized authority on leadership and change, Zander has been a confidential advisor to presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition. Zander is a renowned facilitator, speaker and advisor to leaders around the world, with a broad reach into the global business, philanthropic, entrepreneurial and creative communities.

An artist at heart, Zander also works to be a “music pharmacist” –– treating music as medicine –– and has been prescribing tunes for years. He is usually the first to laugh and the last to leave the dance floor. A creative pragmatist, he is willing to follow a great idea wherever it takes him.
"Tomorrow’s organizations are created today. One moment of leadership builds upon the last. Muscle up your skills and grow your capacity. Invest actively in the future now."
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