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Change Everything™ Brings 20+ yrs:
  • Teaching skills to get the job done / Helping people level up their skills and grow their capacities
  • Sharing strategies to deliver on worthy ambitions
  • Providing support in moments of transition, crisis and ambition
  • Co-creating communities to share the journey with
Within each week, we include:
- Deep dive lesson (virtual or live) 
- Direct application materials 
- Affinity group peer consulting 
- Daily catalysts 
- Team games and reflection activities
8 Week Plan
  • Week 1 -  Core 4 Change System
  • Week 2 - Full You Engagement
  • Week 3 - Up- Level Your Voice & Leadership
  • Week 4 -Build Power & Influence For Good
  • Week 5 - Living With Disequilibrium & Conflict
  • Week 6 - Brilliant Relational Health
  • Week 7 - My Worthy Ambition
  • Week 8 - Life By Design

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About Zander Grashow

A recognized authority on leadership and change, Zander has been a confidential advisor to presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition. Zander is a renowned facilitator, speaker and advisor to leaders around the world, with a broad reach into the global business, philanthropic, entrepreneurial and creative communities.

An artist at heart, Zander also works to be a “music pharmacist” –– treating music as medicine –– and has been prescribing tunes for years. He is usually the first to laugh and the last to leave the dance floor. A creative pragmatist, he is willing to follow a great idea wherever it takes him.
This Sprint is designed for individuals looking for new skills, strategies and practices. Over 8 weeks, we hand you these tools to use immediately. 

Extraordinary times require extraordinary capacity. What are you growing into next?

Program Dates

Weekly Live sessions are Wednesday’s starting October 6, 2021!

Content Session: Oct 6 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Oct 8 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Oct 13 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Oct 15 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Oct 20 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Oct 22 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Oct 27 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Oct 29 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Nov 3 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Nov 5 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Nov 10 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Nov 12 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session: Nov 17 from 12–1:30 PM ET
Optional Live Q&A: Nov 19 from 12–1:00 PM ET

Content Session and Sprint Closing Circle: Nov 24 from 12–2:00 PM ET

We look forward to being on this journey with you!

Zander Grashow

Got a question? Please email for help! 
Judith Stenneken, Visual Artist
"How can we lead from a place of love? How can we stay gentle and vulnerable with ourselves and others when things get hard? Zander makes the abstract concrete and gives us a hands-on toolkit that allows us to practice loving-kindness within the framework of leadership. He lives by example and it’s contagious. Zander, Rachel and the community of change-makers who participated in this course inspire me to think broader, listen deeper and speak kinder."
Johanne Lavoie, Partner, McKinsey & Company
“Zander is a change artist. He mixes together simple tools and maps that help us explore complex human landscapes, fun visuals, great music, stories and play to create a unique learning experience. He also bring together a rich mix of inspiring leaders from a broad range of contexts to share as we learn together. I love both watching him teach and engaging in the learning dialogue. It has profoundly influenced my own work.”
Tim Shapiro, President, Indianapolis Center for Congregations
“Life is overwhelming. Yet, you can adapt. Through this Sprint you will experience personal transformation. I gained new friends, received tools, and celebrated what matters most in this wonderful world we live in. Join the Sprint. Bring a friend. Dive into an experience that will lift your joy as you make the world beautiful.”

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